Bluehill 3 Software

Instron 5969

This new software along with the instron 5969 allow for precise tensile measurements under various conditions.

Nicolet 6700 FTIR Spectroscopy

Now for gas,liquid, and solid absorbance measurements

X-Ray Diffraction

Our XRD setup allows for calculation of percent crystallinity, crystallite size, and characterization of phases of known materials.

services list

  • SEM Imaging
  • CVI Coatings
  • XRD Analysis
  • Instron testing
  • HPLC Analysis
  • GC Analaysis
  • On-Site Machine Shop

services overview

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy

A must have for polymer characterization, this tool measures absorbance over a wide spectrum. We offer both KRS5 and NaCl Plates for characterization.

Jeol 5900LV Scanning Electron Microscope

This scanning electron microscope offers a 5D motorized axis with a large stage that also allows imaging under low vacuum.