Our Goals

Here at MATECH we strive to produce high quality ceramic products with an execellent materials characterization evaluation as quality control. We try to be innovative to reach our goals in the most efficient manner possible.









about US

MATECH has developed an arsenal of capabilities in ceramic matrix composites. From in-house synthesis of preceramic polymers to the fabrication of ceramic matrix composite components, MATECH provides wide-ranging solutions to the demanding requirements of the industrial, aerospace, and defense industries. 

MATECH routinely melt-spins ceramic fibers from SiNC, HfC, and TaC. Current bench-level capabilities include 4, 8, 10, 100, 250,and 500 filament SiC fiber tow. Future capabilities will include 1k filament tow. MATECH is also developing melt-blown multifilament ZrOC and YAG-based high temperature oxide ceramic fibers.


MATECH performs its own in-house monofilament ceramic fiber strength measurements as part of its numerous ceramic fiber development programs. In addition, other capabilities include ceramic fiber tow strength measurements, 4 point bending (flex) strength measurements of CMCs, and compressive strength measurements.

This system has been installed into an inert glovebox allowing for oxygen and moisture sensative materials to be spun.