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Continuous 500 Filament
SiNC-1400X Fiber.

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For over a decade MATECH have been developing and producing many ceramic products. Our latest products include 500 filament SiC and SiNC continuous fiber tow. These fibers can be chopped, woven, or layed up, and impregnated into panels for many applications as well as formed Net-to-Shape.

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Continuous 500 Filament SiNC-1400X Fiber.

High performance continuous lengths of SiNC Fiber. The fiber can be sized according to customer specifications. Strong and versatile fiber for many uses.

Chopped SiNC-1400X Fiber Staple
Available in chopped lengths of 1/4 to 3 inches.

Custom CMC parts
MATECH can help CMC Ideas come to life with many different available resins and fibers.